imageBuilding a good reputation…

Another new plugin coming your way, you can find it at under downloads at the moment as its still in beta testing, but I hope to have it out for general release soon.

Now this plugin is slightly different from my usual type as in there is a plugin I currently use still out on bukkit which sort of works. Now usually if I see another similar plugin I will refuse to develop my own as its a lot of work to build an entire new plugin to compete with someone who can just update an existing plugin.

This one is slightly different.. The one I have been using has a few little errors and doesn’t quite do what I want it to, being quite an integral part of my RPG server I decided this was a good enough  excuse to warrant rebuilding a similar plugin that i can customise

so so here it is, as usual I think all plugins should be free for the community, grab the free download and test it out 😉