Broadside 1.4


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Features :

  • Dispenser gun batteries
  • Fire control cards to control multiple batteries at the same time
  • Control of several batteries at once is possible with multiple control cards
  • Turbolaser ammo (gunpowder) and proton torpedo (tnt)
  • Cooldown per ammo type
  • Torpedo charging message on action bar
  • Energy shields charged by prismarine crystal
  • Shields cover set area, deplete charge when hit by lasers or torpedos
  • Shield generators break when charge reaches 0

Extra Features

  • Heavy blaster Cannon (Dropper)
  • Tipped arrows ammo
  • Lava pop hit effect



Broadside allows you to enhance either movecraft ship weapons or just town or faction defences.

Setup turrets put ammo in the turret and then configure a control card ( or written book to control each of the turrets, individual turrets or batteries of several turrets at once. turrets can each have standard ammo or torpedo ammo ( gunpowder or tnt).

To counter the devastating firepower of the turrets you can create energy shields which, if powered up, will protect or deflect the shots from the turrets, protecting your craft or town for as long as the shields are powered.


Creating Gun Turrets

Simply place a dispenser (dropper for heavy blaster cannon), then fill with the ammo type you want to fire. The shot will come from either the top or bottom of the dispenser depending on which is open to the air and which is blocked up. The default if both are open to the air is the top.

Creating Controller cards

Get a few book and quills, immediately sign one and as the title write a code. ( eg battery1) Then get a second book and quill, sign this one with the same title (battery1). then place one book inside a dispenser, you can create multiple copies of the same title and place in multiple dispensers.

Firing the Guns

Look in the direction you wish to fire, hold the controller card that has a twin in a dispenser turret within the specified distance (config) and left click with the book. This will detect any nearby turrets, check your link matches the card in the turret if so will fire the ammunition from that turret in the direction you are looking relative to the turret (see picture below).

If you have multiple turrets linked they all will fire at the same time. You can also hold several different books, with different titles that match different turret batteries with ammo types or different directions.


Ammo Types

Gunpowder: turbolaser, fast fireball medium damage, fire causing

Tnt: torpedo, slow moving, big damage

Beacon: ion cannon, instant laser beam, knocks controllers cards out of gun turrets in range of impact

Tipped arrow:  Heavy Blaster Cannon – rapid fire anti fighter, cant hurt shields damages blocks hit



See the picture below, the turret fires as if it was the player, with the same point of view, so in the picture below if the player wanted to fire at target A but was standing a little way away from the turret, they would have to look up and away from the turret (direction of view) so the turret replicated the point of view and would fire towards the target (being near the turret or behind it helps making aiming easier)

In this picture the turret is on the green cliff edge, being put on the ground the bottom face if blocked so all shots would come from the top of the dispenser. The player can fire while looking upwards in any direction in the red arc, if he were to look down in to the blue arc to try and hit target B the shot would spawn above the dispenser and then hit the dispenser on route to target B causing damage to the turret.

if the dispenser was on the cliff edge with nothing below it, with a block on top of it, blocking the top face, then the shot would then come from the bottom of the dispenser and the player could look into the blue arc and could then shoot at target B, but not A.



Energy Shields

To protect yourself from energy weapons, place a trapped chest down, then fill with prismarine crystals. If any laser or torpedo shot falls within the shield range ( configured in config file) then, if the chest is filled with crystals, the shot will be deflected with no damage to blocks. You will see sparks.
The hit will reduce the amount of crystals in the chest. If the crystals run out the shields will stop working and further shots will be able to do damage.

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