Hello I’m Hmmcrunchy and welcome to my blog site.

Having been into gaming for a while now I thought it was time to share it with YOU! Yes thats right you.


As you may have guessed now BYTE is my gaming community and review site. A place where all can come and go, make friends (aaahhh) and have fun.

While trawling youtube many years ago I came across some odd vids of 10000000 tnt explosions on this little game called Minecraft. Wondering what the hell they were all on about, i shelled out £10 for a copy and the rest is history.

Running a web hosting company I bought one of my own servers and created a small world with a few houses. 5 years later and the BYTE network has grown to encompass 5 servers and has been visited by over 6000 players

Have a go at play.byte.org.uk (you will need a copy of the game to type that into by the way)

I’m always open to suggestions and feedback so if you have something to say please feel free to say it. either here, on the main site or email me on info@byte.org.uk .

I also run a youtube channel (hit the menu link at the top to see it) spotlighting various stuff and helping with simple tutorials. Again anything you want to see let me know! Anyway, have fun and enjoy… later!