Cargo 1.3.0



  • Allow per world.
  • Commands are restricted while carrying cargo.
  • Only certain MC items are affected.
  • Configure specific display names that are affected for shop plugins.
  • Restrict cargo being placed in enderchests.



Tired of people racing about your server with tons of items? or just wanting to provide some realism? Cargo lets you stop people moving about quickly using teleports with lots of inventory items. Make them walk or use other methods of transport.

This plugin was initially developed to force the use of cargo ships on BYTE, no Minecraft items were affected we just needed a method of getting people to convey their valuable goods via ship (movecraft) but still allow teleporting or fast travel to areas or towns. This plugin can also be used to stop people going mining then just tp home with all the ore.. they have to get out of the mine!!


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