Bungee Bounce 1.1.0


White list  a server on your bungee network.

Kick any player not on whitelist to another server

Or run a command on login.

1.1.0 for 1.13 pre 7






  • Option to run a command on player on login
  • Option to move player to a specified server on your bungee network
  • Send message to player before server move
  • Server move on login to non whitelisted server
  • Timer to apply result to player already on server once de whitelisted
  • In game /bgb add or remove command for adding removing player from whitelist
  • Reload for changing config defaults without restarting server
  • Worldguard support for regions




  • action: command – run command if player not on whitelist
  • action: server– bounce player to bungee server if player not on whitelist
  • action: region– tp player into centre of named region (always height 65) if player not on whitelist and not already in that region


  • /bgb reload – reload plugin values
  • /bgb add <player> – add player to white list
  • /bgb remove <player> – remove player from white list
  • /bgb list – list all players on whitelist



  • bgb.admin – ability to add or remove players

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