The update Aquatic

After a considerable amount of time since the last update, a new version 1.13 is on the horizon. Dubbed the Aquatic update this one seems to be one with the most amount of changes to the code since the 1.8 Minecraft update!

The main issue for developers using spigot and bukkit is the large amount of deprecated code that has finally be removed from the game, most notably the items IDs which will no longer exist, only the Minecraft name ( eg COBBLE not 4)

Many of our old and beloved plugins may fall by the wayside here if they use the old ID system to identify blocks, unless someone brave comes out of the woodwork to assist in updating them.

Now I’ve been a little naughty and not done what spigot recommended a while back and move to Minecraft names from IDs but im working to correct that now, I hope to have the 1.13 versions of my plugins ( they are mostly compatible) out as soon as possible after spigot release their first test build. starting with the two most popular, disease and thirst.

This will also give me an opportunity to update any little bugs or add some requested features which I haven’t resolved yet in case the big 1.13 update broke anything new I added.

So standby and await the update.