Now pottering about this week I’ve managed to come up with an amusing plugin – it started as an idea for a server but I thought it may be cool to release anyway to see if people can pick holes in it.. maybe then ill release on spigot or bukkit but hey..

The basic idea of this one is to allow a person on a ship to fire many weapons at once. grab a controller card (book) write something as the title when you sign it, do this to a few more books putting the same title as before, then place each book in a dispenser, keeping one for yourself. Fill dispensers with gunpowder or tnt, the hold the book and left click it looking at the target.

All the batteries with the same book in will open fire at the same time, you can have 2 books and shoot left and right had side batteries if you wish one after the other you can mix ammo either in the same battery or in separate batteries for effect.


To counter this mighty firepower we then have energy shields.. grab a trapped chest and fill with prismarine crystals to power it.. any incoming fire will be negated until all the crystals have gone at which point the shields fail!


Hope this makes sense ha ha I had fun burning up a few worlds testing this !!