The long awaited 1.6 horse updater is finally out 😀 I’ve been Watling for this for a long while, the world is finally opened up with access to a fast moving controllable mob!! Sorry pigs but your frickin useless XD

ive played the snapshots and I’ve been pretty excited – also because i run a medieval base server at BYTE and the hay blocks and carpets will look awesome.



The new launcher leaves a lot to be desired, now I like to think myself fairly tech savvy, but i had a  few issues to get it working

A few of the players on BYTE have also had issues with the launcher just locking up and not actually launching anything (except maybe the players computer through the window)


Personally I didn’t see much wrong with the old launcher (plenty of jar reverting programs out there to help you swap versions) i suppose with tweaks it will improve but id have though Mojang would have got it perfect before pushing the new update only on it.


Ah well gripe over and back to riding those horsies round a racetrack 😀