rsSNxh hoth

Now the old world is getting ptetty big and its only matter of time before we get to an unstable size – so instead of expanding the current world more, we are branching out to new worlds.

Not only does this give us more land to expand to it also stops the main world becoming corrupt and also allows us to use funky new world generators!!! EVERYONE WINS

So far we have the frozen north an inhospitable world of ice and snow and rock, surviving here will be pretty difficult. but fun none the less 🙂 This uses a hoth generator but dont tell anyone as it still looks old 🙂

The south is a little kinder with a nice rolling terrain with cliffs and crags like a viking style using our nordic generator

we hope to add new worlds on as i find stable generators, plus if we have new biomes in the future updates for minecraft then we can accomodate them all without having to regne the main world.

Also ive got to the stage this month of thinking all my previous builds are rubbish ( i do this every now and then) and started revamping the whole server XD

the main towns including spawntown are getting a retouch, and being made to look a bit more impressive!

Also (busy month) i have been visiting other peoples servers and the one thing we are missing i think are some real super builds. so cue a brand new city – the capital of Byteland —— Name to be thought of – post below if you have any ideas.

Thanks to all the help im getting from the great players on the server they have all been really busy creating this wonderful city!

See you on the server 🙂