tempGood news everyone! in between crazy work times in real life and doing a mighty update to the BYTE server I have managed to get another vid done and out there for you – the second part of our towny tutorial guides just in time for Christmas – so go on, give your self a pressie and start a new town on a towny server 🙂

Amongst other things i’ve also managed to change the whole of our server about creating a network of 4 servers all linked to together by the amazing spigot and bungee cord mods, done by MD5 the genius  check it out here www.spigotmc.org

We now have 4 servers war, byte, games and creative. which hold our towny world, factions, all our games plugins and our creative worlds respectively.

spigotwe also have a new eastern world on the byte main server (containing the nation of Helion evil enemies of byteland) which will come into play at some point in our storyline.

so quite a few changes – we have also teamed up with Minecraft Build Team (MCBT) on Facebook and we have provided them with a server for them to build on so check out their community too


What a month – needless to say i’m knackered and off for a nice Christmasbreak 🙂 have a good one and see you in the new year