well I’ve found another idea that people have tried before but seem to have forgotten or given up on…. Companies

A lot of our players seem to have the entrepreneurial streak to them especially as I’ve bee mean and made surviving in the BYTE economy more difficult >:) but thereby more fun.

Chest shops are great but I thought being able to work together is more fun and promotes a better multiplayer experience. So I created the companies plugin

Having a bit of spare time over Xmas 2015 gave me a chance of coding the thing up! Would have taken me weeks otherwise, and bar a few little bugs it worked great first time when I tested it. Bar the little negative payment money spoof XD.


If you want to find a bug just release it to the MC community and they rip it to bits and find some loophole 🙂


its still in active dev at present but feel free to download for free 🙂 as are all my plugins


If you’re feeling generous I have a donate button On the plugins page