I dont usually like messing about with stuff if its sorta working, but recently we have been having a bit an unstable time on the server. Occasionally when people set certain flags on town it would be a bit too much for my SQL connector

ok before i continue this is a geek post XD and most wont understand what the hell im talking about but hey.

previously i have been using a web hosting package with a mysql database attached, intended for website backends.. this has worked ok till not but is becoming a little unstable when large writes are sent over as i’m not sure it was really meant for this.

Sooo today i bit the bullet and exported all the data off the website and onto a dedicated MYSql instance on the local host of the server 😀 it seems (fingers crossed) to have gone ok all is working well and it has cut down load times for the server to about 5 seconds instead of 2 mins which is awesome.

Here’s hoping it improves the speed and reliability in general 🙂

see you on the more stable server