Disease 2.7

Today sees the next release of my disease plugin, its grown to become quite a monster plugin to maintain and I just don’t get as much time as id like to manage these.. but I do update when I can.

This version brings a  load of code changes as well as a couple of bug fixes, no one sees behind the scenes to try and tidy the plugin up.. it was only really intended as a small give you a cough plugin but has spiralled way beyond that now. so I try to move code to more sensible places and tidy up where I can.

things you will notice however are the new clickable commands in the menus.. get a disease and do /health it will then allow you to click on the disease diagnosis to gain more information on that disease, see the cure in the disease info click that to get info on how to craft a cure too so its a lot easier for players to find their way about.

Speaking of cures.. now server admins can customise their cures as well in the config file, allowing materials you have not got on your server to be removed and other put in.

Also one feature people have been asking me about is the arrow wounds, so here they are.. just in a rough form at present there is a chance an arrow can lodge in you and cause bleeding and infection too  if not roughly removed by a colleague 🙂

and finally to prevent admins from having to add every cure perm to a group ive added  the disease.craft.* perm to cover all


hope you all enjoy it and please do feed back any errors that crop up.. thanks for using my plugins