Well after the sad end of the tekkit server i decided that a more admin friendly server would be appropriate – i dont have the time to manage two servers the size of BYTE and the tekkit was getting a bit out of hand – Soooooooo..

MC war is a sort of team fortress style server – login choose your team red or blue and shoot everyone to bits!!! with the difference that we can actually build whatever arenas we like. my favourite at the moment is the beach assault D-day style one. a lot of work went into changing the flat land into the whole seafront but it works well 🙂

Encouraging players onto the server may be a bit more difficult people don’t tend to stay on by themselves for more than 3-4 mins, bit disheartening seeing 10 people all login then out missing each other by 4 seconds, when if they had stayed on a bit longer they may have had an awesome game 😀

Well its finally live and submitted to the server lists so lets see how it fares 🙂

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