Well after all the disastrous takedown of the Bukkit project files, a new contender has arisen to take its place and continue the fabulous world of Minecraft servers..

Thanks to MD_5 and all the crew over at spigot for keeping us all online 🙂

Since spigot has renewed both the community spirit and the enthusiasm of programmers all over the world, I decided to give it a shot and try to build my own plugin too.. after all how hard can it be…

Now the BYTE server is mainly RPG fantasy style so I decided to write a plugin for my server which had a sort of realism feel to it! So after a little while along came the little thirst plugin. Which was quite a success and at the time of writing this has over 4500 downloads which I’m really chuffed about!!

So I thought ok that wasn’t too bad lets go for something a little more complex, attempting to keep things small I then developed the Disease plugin (which has now become my main plugin really) this quickly got a little out of control with me adding in new features galore, new diseases, bio warfare vials, campfires, temperature systems, immunity, vaccinations, weapon injuries… etc even a hot milk drink which cools over time! At over 6000 lines of codes its a bit of a pig to update now XD

My other plugins also try to add yet more realism in to the game with powder chests, if a chest is broken with gunpowder or tnt in it will explode (mainly meant for ship battles using the amazing Movecraft plugin – hit your enemies powder chest to detonate the ship) and smoking pipes, harvest and dry out various vegetation and pop it in your pipe to smoke 🙂


In true Minecraft fashion I think all my plugins should be free. Ive been asked why don’t I charge premium.. and there are 2 reasons why I don’t..

1) I am a bit pushed for time here and there.. I update when I can, and add extra features when I am able.. but if I charged for plugins I feel the purchasers would be due prompt and instant fixes and updates. I just cant give that instant programming response as this is a free time thing

2) in true bukkit and spigot tradition I feel it should be free for everyone.. from the smallest server setup by youngsters to bigger commercial servers, I don’t want to miss people off just due to the fact they cant afford it, Donations are always welcome but hey if you guys want it, it is there free.

Feel free to donate to us or to spigot itself, without which no plugin programmers work would be much use 🙂