I had a small war on our server BYTE against the dastardly rebels.. trying to ruin my nice ordered empire!!

In the process I came up against a knight.. now I was kitted out full iron armour shield full health.. oh and 10 mercenary troops at my back (yes you can hire and command npc troops XD ) I was laughing.. UNTIL..

The rebel knight pulled out a secret weapon, one that I wasn’t quite expecting.. a hotdog! And proceeded to slice all my troops to bits, followed by me, without taking a scratch!

Now we run slimefun on our server to enable us to do loads of cool tech stuff but mainly for the extra plants and food items you can create.. hotdogs burgers etc being just a few of them, adding amazing depth to the tree and restaurants we have.

All was well in my mind until this event, after a bit of research I found this was possible due to the saturation effect of the hotdogs, combined with the enhanced health of our heroes plugin that you cant possibly take health off a player fast enough to get it to go down before its replenished by the saturation effect.. basically making the player invincible.

As discouraging as this was I had the option of removing slimefun or disabling the extra foods which I really didn’t want to do.. ooor, I could just program a plugin to sort it out for me 😀

I reckoned that saturation wasn’t an important effect and it is a bit OP in places so it wouldn’t be too much hassle to just get rid of it or at least limit the time of the effect hence my new plugin No Saturation


if you have the same problem feel free to download for free!